The Luberon

The view from Bonnieux
The view from Bonnieux

The Luberon: a hilly/mountainous piece of Provence, just a few miles north of the Côte d’Azur in Southern France.

Peter Mayle lived out his now-famous year in Provence in Menerbes, a town just a few miles away from Avignon, where we’d stayed a few nights before moving on to Aix-en-Provence. We didn’t get to visit Menerbes, but luckily there were an abundance of other lovely villages for us to choose from.

I wrote this paid travel post on the Luberon for Travelicious World a week ago, and it was such a no-brainer to write. I’d relived each minute of our day-tour freely and repeatedly over the past 2 months since my return back to Manila, and I was happy that I’d be able to share details of our itinerary to fellow travellers.

Here’s the link:

A drive thru the Luberon, Provence

Happy reading!

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